Recommended Reading

Steve Hill has over 3,000 books in his library; many of which date back to the 1700's and early 1800's. He also has several contemporary Christian writings, as a number of current Christian authors are his personal friends. He has compiled this specially selected list to call attention to books that might otherwise go undiscovered.

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Recommended Books:

A Minister's Obstacles
By Ralph G. Tumbull

The Life of God in the Soul of Man
By Rev. Henry Scougal

The Godly Man's Picture
By Thomas Watson

Beyond Humiliation:
The Way of the Cross

By John Gregory Mantle

David Brainerd's Journal
By Jonathan Edwards

Walking with the Giants
By Warren Wiersby

Invasion of Wales by the Spirit
Through Evan Roberts

By James A. Stewart

The Burden of the Lord
By Ian MacPherson

Memoirs and Remains
of Robert Murray McCheyne

By Andrew A. Bonar

Lectures on Revivals of Religion
By Charles G. Finney

The Tongue of Fire
By William Arthur

Deeper Experiences
of Famous Christians

By James Gilchrist Lawson

Holy Living and Holy Dying
By Jeremy Taylor

Morning and Evening Exercises
By William Jay

The Passion for Souls
By J.H. Jowett

The Silver Lining
By J.H. Jowett

Apostolic Optimism
By J.H. Jowett

The High Calling
By J.H. Jowett

Life in the Heights
By J.H. Jowett

The Preacher and His Work
By J.H. Jowett

This Freedom Whence
By J. Wesley Bready

The Macintosh Treasury
By C.H. Macintosh

Vine's Expository Dictionary
of Biblical Words

By E.M. Vine

The Suffering Savior
By F. W. Krummacher

The Saint's Rest
By Richard Baxter

Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul
By Phillip Doddridge

Ministry of J.B. Stoney (13 volume set)
By J.B. Stoney

By Martin Lloyd Jones

The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary
By various authors

The Great Texts of the Bible
By Jay Hastings

The Biblical Illustrator
By Joseph Exell

Handfuls of Purpose (13 volume)
By James Smith

The Pulpit Commentary
By H.D.M. Spence and Joseph Exell

Keeping the Heart (or any writings)
By John Flavel

Autobiography of Charles Finney
By Charles Finney

The Life of General William Booth
By Harold Begbie

Smith Wigglesworth:
The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings


George Whitefield's Journals
By George Whitefield

The Christian in Complete Armor
By William Gurnall

The Christian Ministry
By Charles Bridges

Looking Unto Jesus
By Isaac Ambrose

The Existence
and Attributes of God

By Stephen Charnock

Purpose in Prayer
By E.M. Bounds

The Reality of Prayer
By E.M. Bounds

Prayer and Praying Men
By E.M. Bounds

The Weapon of Prayer
By E.M. Bounds

The Essentials of Prayer
By E.M. Bounds

Power through Prayer
By E.M. Bounds

The Possibilities of Prayer
By E.M. Bounds

The Necessity of Prayer
By E.M. Bounds

The Journal of John Wesley
By John Wesley

Why Revival Tarries
By Leonard Ravenhill

Revival Praying
By Leonard Ravenhill

Meat for Men
By Leonard Ravenhill

Revival God's Way
By Leonard Ravenhill

Treasury of David
By Charles Spurgeon

The Reformed Pastor
By Richard Baxter

The Ministry of the Miraculous
By Ernest Boulton

Echos and Memories
By Bramwell Booth

The Holiest of All
By Andrew Murray

Theological Dictionary
of the New Testament

By Gerhard Kittel

Fletcher's Christian Perfection
By John Fletcher

Wesley's Christian Perfection
By John Wesley

The Imitation of Christ
By Thomas à Kempis

A Serious Call
to a Devout and Holy Life

By William Law

Matthew Henry's Commentary
By Matthew Henry

The Expositor's Dictionary of Text
By W. Robertson Nicoll
and Jane T. Stoddart

Adam Clarke's Commentary
By Adam Clark

The Welsh Revival of 1904
By Eifion Evans

Jonathan Edwards on Revivals
By Jonathan Edwards

Nave's Topical Bible
By Orville Nave

The Inner Life of Christ
By Joseph Parker

Flame For God
By Leslie T. Lyall

Born Crucified
L.E. Maxwell

Historical Collections
of Accounts of Revival

By John Gillies

A Treasury of Evangelical Writings
By David Otis Fuller, D.D.

Awake, My Heart
By J. Sidlow Baxter

Crowded to Christ
L.E. Maxwell

C.T. Studd - Cricketer and Pioneer
By Norman P. Grubb

The Burden of the Lord
By Ian Macpherson